ACH Helmet

Genuine U.S. Government Issue
$200.00 - $249.99
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All helmets are used and in good condition.

Lighter than the previous PASGT infantry helmet, the ACH features a pre-drilled Night Vision Goggle (NVG) bracket hole. The helmet shell trim also eliminates the beak and has a higher side trim than the PASGT. The helmet also includes an improved 4-Point Retention and Pad Suspension System, which attaches at four points to the shell with ballistic resistant hardware. Adjustment slides are located on both the front and rear of the retention, allowing adjustment for proper fit and stability.

All helmets are in good condition and are sold for nostalgia purposes only!

 SML NSN# 8470‐01‐529‐6302
 MED NSN# 8470‐01‐529‐6329
 LGE NSN# 8470‐01‐529‐6344
 XLG NSN# 8470‐01‐529‐6365