Fire Fly Military Strobe

Genuine U.S. Government Issue
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When it comes to saving lives, anythingless than the best is not an option. Sincethe introduction of the MS-2000(M), it hasbecome the main Combat Search and Rescue(C-SAR) light carried by elite military forcesaround the world.Like our highly regarded, reliable SDU-5E, theMS-2000(M) meets all military specifications,including MIL-L-38217D and CID A-A-59176,and it has many improved life saving featuresto meet multiple mission capability.ACR features five distinctive versions of theMS-2000(M) that meet the most up-to-daterequirements of the military and fit virtuallyany application.


  • Shield extends/retracts for omni- or uni-directional visibility
  • Waterproof factory tested to 10 meters (33 ft)
  • IR filter blocks all visiblelight (lets through only IR light)
  • Raised polarity indicators allow correct battery replacement in low or no visibility conditions
  • New braided steel retainer keeps battery door from being lost
  • Operates on 2 standard alkaline AA batteries - disposal causes no environmental impact
  • For extreme cold environments or long term storage, use 2 common lithium batteries
  • Blue filter distinguishes strobe from ground fire when in place