Military Tent Heater H-45

Genuine U.S. Government Issue
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The H45, more commonly know in the field as the "pot belly stove," is a non-powered, freestanding, liquid multi-fuel space heater and is designed for heating the military's general purpose (GP) tents, small and large.
45,000 BTU
Non-powered vented heat
Multi-fuel burner
Shipped with all accessories
Field proven for more than 25 years
This unit provides safe, reliable heating using a fuel vaporizing technology that has been tested in the laboratory and in the field. The H45 heater has been in service for many years and thousands of units have been put to use. The exhaust stack safely vents all exhaust products outside.

The H45 space heater is a 45,000 BTU heater that is designed to provide heat for the GP medium, TEMPER, MGPTS, and Base-X 307 tents. The H45 operates without the use of electrical power and can burn many types of liquid fuel (including DF2, DF1, DFA, JP5 and JP8).